September 10, 2016

Our Engagement

  • Her Side

    Our apartment, August 2nd, 2015

    I was on a girl’s trip in PA with 2 of my best friends (and future bridesmaids) the first weekend in August. Seth and Riley picked me up from Grand Central which wasn't unusual as it's a short walk. Seth and I were talking about getting a quick bite at a casual restaurant and calling it an early night. While Seth was lugging my weekend bag, he handed me the keys to the apartment. I opened the door and saw it was decorated with rose petals and streamers were hanging from the ceiling. There was also big bottle of Veuve Clicquot and 2 champagne flutes positioned on our table. I stood frozen in shock at our entrance for what felt like a decade. Seth had to physically push me into the front door and then took his position on one knee.

    Added on Fri, Dec 18th 2015

  • His Side

    Surprising Pauline is basically impossible.  My first plan to propose (an impromptu trip) she casually mentioned as a great proposal idea.  My second idea was similarly causally brought up, so with those scrapped I knew it would be a challenge to catch her off guard. It just so happened that Pauline would be out of town when I picked up the ring and I knew she couldn't figure out a plan I hadn't fully thought out while she was away. So a mere hours before she was due to arrive from Grand Central I ran around New York picking up everything I would need (including just about everything in Party City's Wedding/Engagement section). The walk to and from the train station was nerve wracking, mostly because I left two candles burning in our apartment and was convinced we'd walk into a fire in our living room.  I knew I had her surprised when I had to physically push her into the apartment and she was speechless.

    Added on Wed, Dec 23rd 2015